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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Frequently Asked Question! Pertanyaan Yang Sering Ditanyakan!

[Update Maintenance]

AKBingo + Nogizaka Under Construct 2018-2019 selesai!

semua link udah aku revive dan balik normal lagi.
misalkan ada file yang belum di update = filenya masih dicari
misalkan ada salah link langsung lapor aja yah ke @skyzorz di twitter atau PM fanpage FB

Regards From Fivegumi Staff

JTW "Mayuyu" 21
Skyzorz "Nao"
fnd_amd "Aoi"

Old Password : Tama"Rion"SN, New Password :

Thanks to : agan zield

For International Fans who come here

A : hello this is admin, thanks for downloading from this site, i'm sorry if still any mistake in our transation we just normal human, please enjoy it~

A : maybe you want know why we use shortner? we have a plan want buy an domain for this website so that's the reason why~ and money from shortner surrely become a SSK vote for admin oshi haha~

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