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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SideProject! AKB48 Team 8 No Bunbun! Eight Dai Housou #07 HardSoft! English Sub!

This is New Side Project from GabutSasshiSubs!

Team 8 No Bunbun! Eight Dai Housou! 

Okay this is the spoiler!

 what's wrong?!

let's do it! 

 this scene so scary!

Thx to Original SUB is from GoodEnglish
i just recorrect the translate and put some translation in untranslated scene

Password File Softsub : Tama"Rion"SN
Ready File : Englih Soft SUBS

Via Google Drive
Softsub!:  English Softsub

Anroke! : For English will be updated if i have finished it