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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nogizakatte Doko?? Ep 127 Eng Sub

Hello Everybody!

 so this is Nogizakatte Doko Ep 127

and this episode will show himura-san buy some cloth for Nogi Girls!

So this is the spoiler!

 the heck!?

what's wrong himura-san? 

nice one!

Password File Softsub :
For Newest Sub Update Fivegumi Follow Twitter @Skyzorz
Ready File : English Soft & Hard SUBS

Via Google Drive
Softsub! : English Softsub
Hardsub 720p! : English Hardsub



christofer said...


thank you so much

looking forward to your next release..

indonesian, or english. its okay i can read both :)

Another Ghost said...

Thanks for the softsubs! BTW, I unpacked the hardsub 720p RAR folder for Nogidoko ep 127 eng and got AKBINGO ep454 with Indonesian subtitles instead.

Unknown said...

I think whats inside the rar is AKBINGO not Nogizakatte doko 127